KC Higgins

Cybersecurity Strategist

Fun Facts

Hometown: Panama City Beach, FL
Colleges: University of Florida, BA, University of Denver, MA, University of Denver Daniels College of Business, MBA, University of Miami, PhD
Favorite news sources: NPR, WSJ, CyberWire, NYT, Bloomberg
Outside Work: Wine. Books. Dogs. Cats. Ferrets. Pies. Mountains. Food. Sunshine. Did we say wine?

KC has spent her career helping mission-driven organizations achieve their externally facing communication and content goals. From Capitol Hill to Cupertino, she has developed award-winning strategies for clients to drive growth from inception to seed round to IPO and beyond.

At Offleash, KC uses her cybersecurity domain expertise to drive media coverage and industry recognition for companies seeking to raise their brand profile in the crowded, noisy security market. KC is equal parts storyteller and cheerleader–tinker, tailor, molder, Chi–to ensure clients can outperform the competition and stay engaged and relevant to customers.