8 Highlights from This Year’s Annual Offleash Giants Game

Posted on September 6, 2016

By Offleash Team

There’s nothing quite like a day game at AT&T Park. Warm sunshine on your face, salty sea breeze carrying the aroma of garlic fries, breathless SF Bay views, an electric crowd cheering on our home team, and America’s favorite pastime: baseball.

So what better way for Offleash to celebrate our people and our company than to get everyone together for a SF Giants baseball game? Offleash works hard to maintain our incredible culture and our game outing is something we look forward to every year.

We’d love to share some of the fun happenings from our Giants game this year. Here are eight highlights:

1. Angelique wowed us with her Whip and Nay Nay dance (her twins are great teachers). Note: no music was needed.

2. Julie practiced her Italian (and shared her strategy for maximizing on pizza and gelato) before her trip to Italy.

3. Tanya and Jim had an ongoing Snapchat war. We’re not sure who won, but it did involve lots of flower crown and duck filters.

4. The team cheered on our very own air guitar champ, Scott, as he nailed his solo in Journey’s Lights.

5. In search of good beer, Tanya and Marta snuck down to club level and caught an inning at field level . . . shhh!

6. The pigeons on the field made the news. Our team had fun dubbing them George, Gertrude and Philip.

7. Scott and Lila predicted August 31st would forever be known as the date when the Giants would win against the Diamondbacks, build momentum to make it to the playoffs, and win the World Series.

8. To top it all off, our home team won, 4-2! Go Giants!