Offleash was founded out of a fierce desire for personal freedom. To work with whom we want, create what we dream and build a unique agency unbound by convention.

One-size-fits-all PR programs don’t work. That’s why Offleash developed Offleash.360.

To break through in today’s market, you need a tailored approach to your PR investments. And a dynamic and unrestrained energy from your communication partners.  

Our team is an extension of your team. We think outside the box, and don’t squeeze you into one. We create fresh, custom programs for growth businesses to rapidly drive awareness and capture market leadership positions.

Offleash.360 is a creative, playful process focused on a serious goal: develop the most original and impactful communications strategy for your company.

A proven process of learning and discovery, Offleash.360 results in a strategy hyper-tuned to drive results that meet your business objectives and make every dollar count.

We’re a group of highly spirited leaders and passionate PR pros committed to our people, customers and community.

Our core values are: Integrity first. Be bold. All in.