A New Integrated Marketing Arm, Media Wins, and More: Here’s What’s Ahead for H2


“Time is a brisk wind,” the Swiss philosopher Paracelsus observed, “for each hour it brings something new.”

It’s hard not to feel philosophical as we look up and realize that, suddenly, the year is half over. It seems like just last week that our teams were holding 2022 kickoff strategy sessions with clients and working with reporters on year-ahead predictions. Now – what? – the season of barbecues and summer sunshine is upon us.

2022 has been a blur, but that’s a good thing. Because we’ve been very busy at Offleash. And, thanks very much, Paracelsus, the year indeed has brought new things.

One we’re especially excited about is our new integrated marketing practice. The new practice is a logical extension of Offleash’s capabilities in PR, content, social, and research, and enables closer and more strategic alignment with the marketing teams we work with every day.

The new practice underscores our commitment to help technology brands make their mark – which is even more critical during times of economic uncertainty. Another truth that 2022 is revealing is that it has never been more important to stand out from the pack with a clear, concise story to the market, and we’re excited to expand our role in helping clients do that.

Looking back on the last six months and what’s to come in the second half, we also have experienced a sharp increase in demand for content creation, influencer relations, and measurement/analytics. This tells us that identifying and communicating to the right audience remains top of mind for CMOs.

Media relations has always been an essential part of PR, and our work there for clients remains a big source of pride at Offleash. For clients and select friends and partners, we share an information-packed and curated monthly Media Moves newsletter with important information about changes across the business and trade reporters and outlets we work with every day.

And we are charging ahead harder than ever on our investment in our people and uniquely supportive, high-quality work environment. We have long prioritized the mental and physical well-being of our employees, and that continues through a wide range of wellness and flexible time off benefits. We also remain committed to giving our time and profits to improve the quality of life in underserved communities and timely causes (which call to us more than ever these days) through our OffleashCARES initiative.

All of this – our new integrated marketing practice, other new services and offerings we plan to officially roll out later this year, and our steadfast devotion to our people and community – shows that we’re as bullish as ever about our mission and purpose. Moreso, actually, because we believe we play a special role in helping our clients and our people keep growing and stay resilient no matter what changes the rest of 2022 brings.

Stay tuned for more from Offleash – happy summer!

-Robin Bulanti and Julie Tangen