Boosting PR and Marketing ROI with GenAI


Welcome to Offleash, where our name is our pledge to pioneering spirit. We’re on a tireless journey to seize cutting-edge tools and tech, all aimed at turbocharging efficiency, propelling value, and elevating our clients’ investments to unprecedented levels. 

The spotlight’s on Generative AI this January, as per the ‘Muck Rack – State of AI in PR’ 2024 report, revealing a dramatic shift: GenAI adoption in our realm has rocketed from 28% to an impressive 64% in mere months, marking a significant embrace of AI’s capabilities. GenAI is revolutionizing PR and marketing, streamlining tasks, enabling focused, insight-driven campaigns, and crafting more impactful, dynamic strategies that maximize client investments.

Let’s explore how Offleash is harnessing AI, particularly Generative AI, to transform our operations and deliver unmatched value to our clients.

Four AI & GenAI Tools We’re Actively Using to Generate Value for Our Clients

Our philosophy is that these and other AI tools cannot replace the critical human element or nuance in our work. Appropriately used, however, we understand they help cut operational costs and allow us to focus more on driving the best results for our clients.

  1. ChatGPT 4 (by OpenAI): Ideal for copy-editing press releases, enhancing headlines, learning about a new space or topic, and crafting social media content, especially when adding vivid emojis and graphics or adhering to character limits.
  2. Meltwater and Muck Rack: These tools utilize AI to monitor media coverage across various channels. They are invaluable for tracking coverage, including client and competitor mentions, discerning media trends, and identifying key influencers and journalists.
  3. BuzzSumo: Renowned for content marketing, BuzzSumo is equally beneficial for PR, offering features to identify trending topics, influencer identification, and content research—all crucial in shaping effective PR strategies.
  4. Zoom AI and These smart assistant tools boost the efficiency and effectiveness of video meetings. It helps track action items, ensuring follow-through on tasks and responsibilities. It also allows us to remain focused during meetings, discussing pivotal PR strategies with our clients.

Three Ways GenAI Will Soon Reshape the PR and Marketing Landscape 

Imagine a world where creativity is limitless, and personalized experiences are just a click away. Here are some ways GenAI will further maximize our clients’ PR and marketing investments:

  1. Crisis Management Like a Pro: GenAI tools serve as digital lookouts, offering real-time monitoring and sentiment analysis. This facilitates swift and effective crisis response, often preempting mainstream impact.
  2. Data-Driven Insights: GenAI transforms data into a powerful ally. By analyzing extensive data sets, it provides not only accurate but also profound insights. This aids in understanding market trends, consumer behavior, and predicting future patterns.
  3. Unprecedented ROI: GenAI ensures that every marketing dollar is optimized for maximum return. These tools guarantee targeted, efficient marketing efforts, continuously adapting based on real-time feedback.

Navigating Risks While Embracing Change

Despite these exciting developments, challenges remain. As noted in the 2024 “Muck Rack – State of AI in PR” report, concerns about AI in PR persist. The primary fears include an overreliance on AI by new PR professionals, firms undervaluing content creators, and unvetted AI output potentially degrading conversation quality. Over half of PR professionals see unvetted AI output as a risk. Among AI skeptics, 43% find the output too unpredictable, 40% have privacy concerns, and about a third doubt AI’s effectiveness in their job. Other reservations include ethical and security concerns.

GenAI is Here to Stay, Powered by People

The key to PR and Marketing success in this new era lies not only in understanding and adopting the right GenAI tools but also in integrating them into a strategic vision. It’s about finding the balance between technology and human creativity. It’s an exhilarating time in the industry, with boundless possibilities. Time to embrace these changes and ride the wave of this technological revolution. The future is not just near; it’s here!