COVID-19: How Our Clients Are Helping


By Robin Bulanti

We may be in the middle of a global crisis, one that’s especially hard because no one knows what lies ahead. But everyone can find certainty amid uncertainty by cherishing and clinging to a higher purpose.

Some of us are finding that purpose in giving back, whether it’s delivering groceries to neighbors, volunteering, sending food to healthcare workers on the front lines, sewing masks, or supporting local small businesses. 

We’re also proud to see tech companies rising to the occasion and leaning into their core values when those have never mattered more. 

Here are examples of what our clients are doing:

Algolia is tracking search trends (education is up almost 1200%) and also made its search platform available free to any developer or team working on COVID-19 related, not-for-profit websites or apps, which are designed to help people quickly find information like volunteer resources, accessing medical care or updates on clinical trials. To read more about important initiatives and use cases supported by the platform visit Algolia’s COVID-19 resources center.  

DarwinAI applied explainable AI technology to build new ways to identify COVID-19 infections faster. The open source COVID-Net project, started by DarwinAI in collaboration with researchers at The University of Waterloo, is a deep convolutional neural network designed to help scientists develop an AI tool that can screen patients for signs of the disease on X-Ray chest scans. This Medium post has more information on the open source project and how to get involved.

A number of community Grafana dashboards have been built for visualizing data tracking the spread of COVID-19 around the world. And the team behind Grafana Labs, which has always been remote-first,has also stayed busy sharing practical tips including working from home with kids, a guide to video conference calls and WFH tips that include productivity, routine, ‘commutes’ and snacking. 

Juniper Networks introduced free secure “pop up Wi-Fi network” kits for any temporary COVID-19 testing facility, to support our healthcare providers and testing on the front lines starting with Canada, the United States and United Kingdom. In addition, the company committed free premium support services globally to prioritize any and all support for medical, healthcare and/or senior care customers. 

Netskope Threat Labs compiled anonymous customer data (regularly updated) looking at the increase in remote work in North America due to COVID-19. Early patterns reflected the divide between essential and non-essential services, including the changing landscape for knowledge workers, as many reporters relied on Netskope’s data to support coverage on the dramatic shift to remote work, and the change in how we use the internet to live and work.

Paycor has stepped up to help those navigating HR challenges. With a dedicated coronavirus support center that includes guidance for furloughs, shutdowns and quarantines, Paycor also contributed advice for compassionate managers needing to fire or lay someone off remotely and continues to host a variety of webinars on timely topics like crisis management, changing employment laws, and leadership in difficult times. 

Productiv helps businesses manage remote apps and shares COVID-19 data and resources related to video collaboration and remote work. As companies and schools moved to online work, workplace software was put to the test. Travel and physical office restrictions kept workers home, and Productiv’s data showed related spikes in usage among remote-friendly products from Google, Microsoft and Zoom, which also help small businesses to stay open

TigerGraph made its graph technology free for use by researchers working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Graph technology is particularly useful for analyzing connections that can be invaluable in modeling the spread of an infectious disease like COVID-19, including origin and impact of cluster infections in a particular area. 

UserTesting has emphasized the importance of human empathy in how organizations communicate with customers during the time of the coronavirus. The company has created a COVID Human Insight portal with resources and data related to the consumer response to COVID-19, brand advertising and how to stay connected with customers.

Jamf is continuing to smoothly and securely extend the legendary Apple experience to the new normal of remote work, remote learning and virtual health. In addition to adding new telehealth functionality to its flagship product to protect healthcare providers and patients, and new remote learning capabilities to empower teachers, parents and students, Jamf is helping customers navigate these challenging times by offering access to its products for free through September 2020 to keep customers safe and productive no matter where they are. 

We are inspired by our clients every day, especially during these times. We’re proud to have the opportunity to help tell their stories.

Robin Bulanti has spent the past 20 years working closely with high tech clients on communications strategy, corporate positioning and building executive brands. As president, she also oversees the agency’s new business, professional development and services. Contact Robin here.