Getting to Know Your Offleash Team: Lauren Hillman


If you could spend a year anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
Berlin, which is one of my favorite European cities, with a vibrant music/cultural scene, great beer and a budding tech industry to boot! I visited in 2009 and celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was incredible to witness progress first hand and to participate in something so historically significant.

Berlin also has a growing sustainability movement. And as a prominent player in the EU, Germany’s hands-on and progressive approach to environmental sustainability is incredible. Now, who’s going to sponsor my trip?!

Describe one of the best things you’ve ever eaten
This is a tough question to answer since I have such deep appreciation for food. There is a frozen yogurt shop in San Francisco, Loving Cup, that brightens even the foggiest of days with its chocolate yogurt and fresh strawberries. Or, there is always Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village that serves the BEST late-night NY slice (you can quote me on that!).

Describe your perfect Sunday morning
Lazy Sundays are the best, so my ideal Sunday consists of a walk around the neighborhood while sipping coffee, and then a long, leisurely brunch with friends. I like to spend time outside on the weekend – away from my computer and iPhone. Not only is it important for physical well-being, but I have lived in some amazing cities and there is always something new to explore. Throw in some San Francisco 49ers and a nap and you have a perfect day.

If you could sit next to anyone famous on a long flight, who would you choose?
Misty Copeland, who is the first African-American principal in the 75-year history of American Ballet Theater. At a young age, Misty was told that she had no future in professional ballet because of her untraditional physical stature, but she chose to ignore negativity and focus on her goals. It’s hard to face rejection and rise above, but her story provides a lesson transcending dance, race and gender. As a former ballerina myself, I’m inspired by her perseverance, her dedication to perfection, and, of course, her lines.

What inspires you?
I continually find inspiration in a wide-range of places. A great song. A beautiful sunset. A long hike. But i’m often most inspired by the people around me and the strength and resilience they show in daily life.

What causes are you most passionate about?
There are a wide range of social and environmental issues that I’m passionate about. Specifically, I care deeply about the rights of those in disenfranchised communities, children with special needs and the preservation of our beautiful earth. Volunteer work is extremely important to me and I find great fulfillment from helping others. Some of my favorite orgs includes Project Sunshine and Glide Memorial.

Interview by Offleash’s Lila Razzaqui.