How to Curate and Sustain a Culture of Wellness and Personal Growth


By Samantha Carlson-DuBois

In an industry that often moves at a pace in which work-life balance can feel unattainable, the team at Offleash has made wellness and personal growth a priority—not only during challenging times. 

Creating an environment that promotes daily gratitude and ties back to our core values (Integrity First. Be Bold. All in.) is key to maintaining a culture of wellness and balance across our agency. 

Here are steps companies can take to curate and sustain a culture of wellness and personal growth: 

Form an internal team dedicated to wellness.

Organize an internal team that is passionate about wellness and excited to share their knowledge with the company at large. This team can share upcoming local or virtual events related to wellbeing, as well as healthy recipes, helpful articles, and other resources.

At Offleash, our Wise and Well team circulates both an internal newsletter and a monthly culture roundup, in addition to regularly promoting activities throughout the year, whether it be a Friday guided meditation, a fitness or yoga workout, or a group coaching session (a recent session was focused on ‘coping with adversity’.)

Provide benefits that empower employees to stay healthy. 

One way Offleash encourages employees to invest in their health is through value-add benefits. This perk lets employees put a generous stipend toward whatever they choose to upkeep their own personal wellness and professional enrichment.

Whether it’s a package of yoga classes, a massage at the end of a long work week, or a half marathon registration fee, we strive to give our Offleash family the freedom to sustain their wellness journey in whatever way fulfills them most.

Our company’s leadership is also dedicated to supporting employee mental health and wellbeing. This year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we rolled out an extra “mental health day” in 2020, specifically geared toward time off for stress relief.

In addition to our Wellness Benefit, Offleash also offers a Professional Enrichment package. This benefit is designed to provide education, coaching, and/or experiences that enhance skills in public relations and career development. Our team has used this benefit to attend industry conferences, hire professional coaches, and join tech-focused membership-only groups. 

Give back.

Research shows that the act of volunteering has not only mental benefits, but also physical ones. Volunteering improves mood, overall health, and increases one’s sense of purpose. 

Offleash developed its OffleashCARES team to make a mark on our community and the world at large by donating our time, services, and profits to improve the quality of life for underserved communities.

Last year, Offleash participated in a local book drive, hosted its 7th Annual Earth Day Event and Autism Speaks Walk, and held a food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank. Our team also contributed over 200 human hours volunteering/participating in charitable causes. 

In total last year, OffleashCARES donated to more than 10 organizations including the ASPCA, Presidio Trust, the Syrian American Medical Society, the Trevor Project, Autism Speaks, Susan G. Komen, and The Kindness Revolution. 

Most recently, Offleash has donated money and time in support of civil and human rights, and the company’s leadership team has encouraged the use of each employee’s paid volunteer hours in pursuit of racial equality and a better future.

The Offleash family is tight-knit, and we attribute that to our values and the people who foster them. Creating a culture focused on wellness as the basis of our account work has been the key to success for us all, and will continue to be an ongoing commitment for years to come. 

Samantha supports multiple Offleash client teams with editorial assistance, speaking, awards and research. Contact Samantha here.