Offleash 2022 Offsite: Better Together


By Shannon Osthimer

The theme of our 2022 offsite was “Better Together,” and—wow—after over three years apart due to the pandemic, that theme really rang true. Last week, we traveled from near and far to come together in beautiful Palm Springs for some much needed connection and team building. It was extra special because several of us were meeting each other in person for the first time ever.

We played games, shared a lot of laughs, and did some much-needed catching up. We learned how to work with each other more effectively during a session examining our DiSC personality profiles, and tested our core values of being bold and “all in” during an improv workshop! Both in-person and virtual offsite attendees were able join in on the fun.

We truly are “better together” and feel so grateful to have had this time to reconnect.
Here’s a peek at some of the highlights: