Offleash Employee Spotlight: Jason Kokkat


Get to know our newest assistant account executive: Jason Kokkat! We welcomed Jason in April of this year, but with all of the PR smarts and fun he brings to the agency, it feels like he’s been around much longer. Below, he shares five key reasons why he decided to join the Offleash team.

  • Offleash was a remote-friendly workplace before work-from-home became standard for most businesses. This was appealing to me because, being based in Illinois, the prospect of moving during a pandemic was overwhelming. With flexibility to WFH, I can operate in an environment I feel comfortable in while working for a fantastic agency.
  • I loved that Offleash provided the opportunity to learn more about emerging tech spaces, as well as work with more niche clients. My past work felt way too broad in the world of tech, and now I can really immerse myself in specific areas that interest me.
  • The team dynamics at Offleash are unique from any other place I’ve worked. At other companies, people can tend to keep a distance from one another and there’s no real sense of camaraderie. Offleash is the complete opposite—everyone has a close, strong bond between one another. It made joining the team that much more special.
  • The opportunity to learn and grow is always something I look for in a job, and every day Offleash finds new ways for me to contribute and even take the lead on items. I never feel like I’m repeating the same thing over and over again.
  • Lastly, Offleash has continuously shown that they care about their people. From health and wellness stipends to flexible time off, I feel supported by my colleagues and managers. Burnout in the remote workforce is a serious thing, and Offleash does all they can to support their team.

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