Stay curious, prioritize networking, and other lessons learned from my PR career (so far)


Reflecting on my four years in the public relations industry, I am touched by the amount I’ve grown, the connections I’ve made, and the skills this industry has taught me about life. One of my favorite quotes is, “opportunities don’t just come, you create them,” and that has been an integral theme of my journey as a PR professional.

After graduating college with a degree in communications studies, I immediately decided I wanted to flee from New Jersey to sunny San Diego and start a career focused on telling resonating stories. This was the start of my career in tech PR.

As I enter my fourth year in B2B technology PR working with security, data, and AI technology such as VISA, Meta, Jumio, VAST data, and Palo Alto Networks, I’ve picked up a few really important lessons during my time working at agencies.

Stay Curious

In the rapidly evolving technology landscape, it’s so important to stay curious and think of the connection to the current news and your client. There is always a story! Storytelling is sparked by curiosity and the desire to know more. One of the most rewarding aspects of working in PR is the opportunity to dive deep into complex technologies and create compelling narratives. Keeping up with industry insights and sharing learnings with teams not only keeps you sharp but also inspires innovative approaches to PR campaigns.

Know Your Team’s Strengths

Identifying what everyone on your team enjoys doing and excels at can make all the difference in the success of a client initiative. Whether someone is a media rockstar, loves conducting research, or has a talent for crafting engaging social media content, knowing the strengths of your team allows you to delegate tasks effectively. When everyone is working in their element, projects move forward smoothly and creativity thrives. 

Project Management Can Literally Save You

Project management is a skill that often goes untaught in school and overlooked in the PR field, yet it should be a must on every PR pro’s agenda. From juggling multiple client accounts to coordinating with various journalists, effective project management keeps deliverables on track and ensures that deadlines are met. Whether it’s utilizing project management software like Asana/Microsoft To Do’s or simply mastering the art of to-do lists, this skill has been a game-changer in my career. 

Networking Is Key

Networking, whether in person or digital, is at the core of public relations. Connecting with people around you, joining a PRSA chapter close to you, and using social media to find and connect with other PR pros can open new doors for learning and future career opportunities. Building relationships with PR pros, clients, journalists, and industry influencers not only expands your knowledge base but also creates space for exciting collaborations and projects.

In the fast-paced world of B2B tech PR, these lessons have been invaluable in navigating the ever-changing landscape and delivering impactful results for my clients. By staying curious, leveraging the strengths of my team, mastering project management, and prioritizing networking, I’ve been able to create meaningful connections, tell compelling stories, and drive success in my PR endeavors. 

As an assistant account executive at Offleash, I’m excited to continue expanding my skills within the public relations field and creating meaningful relationships with clients, journalists, and team members. Our agency culture cultivates an environment that encourages curiosity, collaboration, and connection – which ultimately provides an environment to explore every aspect of media relations. I look forward to garnering more knowledge and growing with the Offleash team!