ShannonC headshot

Shannon Campbell

Senior Account Manager


Roseville, CA


University of San Diego

Favorite news sources:

The New Yorker, Wired, Bloomberg

Outside Work:

Playing tennis, dabbling in astrology and trying new Bay Area restaurant

In her role as Senior Account Manager, Shannon oversees day-to-day activity and strategy for organizations in a wide range of spaces, from cybersecurity to companies entrenched in the developer community. She is passionate about working with clients and leading teams from a place of integrity and positivity, and has a knackĀ for distilling complicated concepts into a consumable message. Shannon is also a core member of Offleash’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm, OffleashCARES.

Current and previous clients include: Algolia, Distil Networks, Grafana Labs, Imperva, Netskope, RealNetworks, Rockset, Snowflake Computing, Sumo Logic.