Chemistry Matters

Posted on April 12, 2016

By Robin Bulanti

Dan Woods at Evolved Media is exploring what PR means for tech in a series of blogs for B2B companies, covering things like when and why to hire a PR firm and the important factors that can make your PR efforts thrive.

We get asked the same questions by every new company exploring PR options, and it’s true there are various sizes and flavor of PR partner, from large and small firms to savvy freelancers, and one size does not fit all.

In the most recent Evolved Media post, Dan explores the role of chemistry in PR success and how B2B companies can get this one right. As you’ll see, I’m passionate on this one.

Dan and I chatted about the importance of chemistry, and his blog nails it with what B2B companies should pay attention to:

Get it right. Identify your audience and tailor messaging accordingly.

Check the clock. Don’t treat PR like a checkbox, and please don’t make it your last priority.

Understand expectations. Have reasonable expectations and a clear business goal.

Find arrangements that work for you. The right team matters. At Offleash, we spend a good deal of time putting teams together for chemistry and experience. We also customize every program to the client’s needs and objectives, and ensure access to senior resources at all times.

Measure success. Align metrics to your business objectives.

Ultimately, I agree in the importance of choosing the right team and would caution companies not to get too caught up with size, notoriety or even direct domain experience. There are some amazing freelancers and small boutique firms out there who can get the job done when the chemistry is a lock.

In business as in life, we can all appreciate how painful a relationship is when the chemistry is just not there. Don’t ignore chemistry – it really matters.

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