Introducing OffleashCARES


Here at Offleash, we incorporate our core values into everything we do: “Integrity First. Be Bold. All in.” This includes our awesome client services. And it also extends to our commitment as an agency to being responsible citizens of the world.

The truth is that happy and fulfilled employees produce better work. They also are more likely to develop and sustain work environments that truly thrive. And, as an agency that is consistently striving to become (and continue to achieve status as) a great place to work, we are excited to announce Offleash.CARES!

With OffleashCARES we are launching our own corporate social responsibility program that speaks true to the Offleash brand. The goal is to actively promote new opportunities for our agency and for our individual employees to seek purpose through building upon our culture of stewardship and responsibility.

What is CSR?
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be formally described as “the practice of a company integrating social and environmental concerns alongside its business operations and interactions on a voluntary basis.”

But a quick online search shows that many are defining and approaching CSR in ways best suited to their industry, company and employees. And that’s ok! There is no “one size fits all” approach to outlining the civic and environmental pillars to base a business mission on. But formalizing and committing to a program is an important first step.

That’s why we’re choosing to abandon the old and, let’s face it, buzzy term “CSR”, to create our own individualized program designed to meet the needs of our business and our commitment to making the world a better place. Our OffleashCARES program is about transparency, accountability and formalizing our communication of progress and goals moving forward.

Why It Matters
Today, CSR-type programs have become a fundamental facet of a company’s brand, culture and PR efforts – especially in the tech space. Google, for example, has invested in initiatives that tackle a range of social issues – including access to clean water, wildlife protection and human rights.

Consumers often seek out (and expect!) products and services that align with their personal values. When all else is the same, most people will choose to engage with a business that holds and acts upon a greater sense of social responsibility.

Corporate stewardship programs are gaining importance within organizations as well, as a company’s mission and values play an important role in determining culture fit for prospective and current employees. The most intelligent and idealistic are attracted to companies like Google because they identify with the business’s values. At the same time, these organizations benefit from attracting top talent.

Bottom line, employees want to work for companies that support causes they care about, and why shouldn’t they?

What’s In Store
So, what can you expect to see from OffleashCARES? The next step is establishing our baseline of awesome things we currently do as a company. Then, we’ll outline our environmental, social and governance objectives moving in the form of defined short and long-term goals. From there, we will track our progress year over year, ensuring that OffleashCARES not only meets our “feel good” goals, but also achieves a lasting impact on the environment, our society and our employees.

We look forward to embarking on this journey and invite you to stay tuned for more!

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