In conversation with… Megan Morrone, freelance writer, reporter & editor


By Tanya Carlsson

If you’ve been keeping up with today’s latest workplace trends and news, chances are you’ve come across an article by Megan Morrone. 

She’s a badass mom of three who has been in the media game for 20+ years and is among today’s most respected reporters. 

Today you can find her editing the daily HR Brew newsletter or publishing her work in Fast Company. Previously, she was senior editor at Protocol Workplace and OneZero, Medium’s premier technology publication covering technology’s effects on people and the planet. Prior to that, Megan hosted and produced several popular video podcasts at This Week in Tech (TWiT) and was an on-air contributor for The Screen Savers, a daily live television show about computers.

I recently sat down with Meg to learn more about the challenges and rewards of her job, the must-haves for a good story, and more. 

How do you begin your workday? 

Right now I start it with a giant cup of coffee and a race to start producing the next day’s HR Brew newsletter. My workday begins at 8am because I’m in California and my whole team is on the East Coast. I should move back to their time zone, so I don’t always feel three hours behind. 

Of all the stories you’ve written, which one is your favorite and why? 

My favorite thing I’ve ever written wasn’t a reported story. It was this essay I wrote for Medium when my first child left for college. It’s my favorite because it truly helped me process her leaving and also because she liked it. (Praise from one’s children is the best. And this might be the only time in my 20 years of being a parent that it’s ever happened.) 

What are the must-have ingredients for a solid story? 

A good, solid lede. When I was at Protocol my reporters would make fun of me because of how often I would comment, “this could be stronger” about their lede. Because all ledes could almost always be stronger. I also love a good kicker. If someone makes it to the end of your story, they deserve a little treat. 

What is the most challenging part of your job? And the most rewarding? 

Right now the most challenging part of my job is the sheer relentlessness of editing a daily newsletter. The work never stops! But this is also the most rewarding part. It’s nice to point to an accomplishment every single workday. 

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you? 

Anyone who has been on a Zoom with me in the past three years knows how obsessed I am with plants. They are everywhere in my background. But the truth is that before the pandemic I could not keep a plant alive. I was both an under and an over-waterer. I still occasionally kill a plant, which is why I’m constantly propagating them so I always have more.

 To learn more, and for a daily dose of good humor, follow Meg on Twitter at @meganmorrone