Let’s Get Cultured: June Edition


We’ve previously mentioned our culture roundups. In case you missed it, it’s our agency’s weekly Friday roundup covering the simple, broad theme of culture. It’s a fun yet enriching way to say “TGIF” to our family of news junkies.

Due to its wide appeal, we have decided to bestow upon you, dear Offleash blog readers, a curated selection of our recent highlights. Now let’s get cultured!

This six-minute short film plunges you into an augmented reality hellscape. How much is too much?

NFL star Patrick Willis is thriving in retirement as a Silicon Valley tech worker.

Sheryl Sandberg gave a powerful speech at UC Berkeley’s commencement.

6 Google calendar hacks to help you quit procrastinating.

Geologists find clues in a crater left by a dinosaur-killing asteroid.

KFC made a nail polish that tastes like chicken. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Sadly, the British Minister turned down the name “Boaty McBoatface in favor of “Attenborough.”

IBM and Marchesa teamed up to create a dress that illuminated the Met Gala red carpet.

Twitter announced its plans to abolish the 140 character limit. To infinity (but not quite), and beyond!