Reimagining PR to Cultivate Deeper Connections with Your Agency


If someone asked you about the role of a PR agency, how likely are you to explain value in a traditional sense? Would you say a PR agency operates as message disseminators for boosting brand visibility — or can we push the boundaries?

At Offleash we believe that a PR agency can be much more — and it should be an extension of your internal team. We pride ourselves on cultivating deeper relationships, transcending the traditional limitations of a typical PR agency. We are always expanding our services to offer additional support and value to clients, especially in times of need.

After all — one of our core values is “All In.” This manifests itself in multiple ways.

On-site event support.

In-person events are back, which means Offleash is there. From major industry behemoths like RSA Conference (RSAC) to client user conferences, PR’s role goes beyond  facilitating relationship building-meetings or securing coverage around these shows. Clients often invest an incredible amount of time and resources to attend and organize events, and we’re here to ensure seamless execution and provide support any way we can.

With a dedicated cybersecurity practice, RSAC has been a priority for Offleash and our clients for over a decade. We’ve partnered with Securosis for their annual Disaster Recovery breakfast and hosted our own private events like whiskey tastings, book signings, and dinners with clients. And this year, we helped organize an exclusive media panel featuring Armis, Cato Networks, and Cribl, in addition to setting up 1:1 media interviews in and around RSAC. 

During user conferences, we do more than secure media coverage and drive reporter attendance. We become an integral part of our clients’ event team, working tirelessly behind the scenes on big campaign ideas, guerrilla marketing or stunts, and keeping things running smoothly. From Rubrik’s FORWARD user conference in San Diego to Nutanix’s upcoming .NEXT in Barcelona, we have boots on the ground –  making sure reporters get the most out of a curated VIP experience, for example, or coordinating customer and executive interviews and schedules.

In-house staffing and support.

Our in-house staffing services can also provide invaluable support during times of transition or temporary staffing shortages. From illness to parental leave to sabbaticals, we understand that clients may have gaps in team coverage from time to time. That’s where we have been able to step in, offering supplemental internal staffing and other specialized interim marketing and comms roles to keep everything running smoothly.

In these in-house roles, we expand beyond what a traditional PR agency does by taking on an internal function –  leading comms, announcement, launch or event strategy, for example, managing external agencies, and taking on other responsibilities outside the scope of a typical PR program. Our team is the best of the best, and flexible staffing services allow our clients to “borrow” seasoned professionals on a project basis, until the internal position is filled or back, firing on all cylinders.

Content, content, content.

Content is a key component of any PR program, but this can extend beyond just press releases, Op-Eds, and byline placements. Our content team excels at crafting a wide range of compelling materials — from case studies to blogs to e-books — that captivate our clients’ audience and reinforces their brand’s narrative. We also can jump in to provide content for board and investor presentations, sharing data-driven results and metrics that highlight the company’s successes.

Ultimately, we believe that a PR agency can and should be so much more — the true opportunity is to be a trusted partner equally invested in, and contributing to, our clients’ business success. By leveraging Offleash’s comprehensive services, and our ability to jump in with high-value support where it’s needed, clients can maximize the potential of their PR program and achieve their goals with confidence. Let’s go Offleash… together.