Silver Bells, Silver Linings


2020… where to begin? Between the pandemic, political tension, massive wildfires, an economic downturn, and civil injustices, it can be hard not to get bogged down with negativity. 

Despite everything each of us has experienced this year, there were undoubtedly personal victories, good times, and opportunities for growth sprinkled throughout. And that’s something to be grateful for. 

Below, members of the Offleash team share their silver linings from 2020. 

Eileen Drury, Account Executive
This year, I am so grateful for the health of myself, my family, my friends, and the Offleash team! Beyond that, I am thankful for the newest member of my family—Ringo! He is a rescue dog from Korea who we adopted in September. Ringo and Benny (our other dog) have given us companionship, purpose, cuddles, and laughter every day during quarantine.

Joanna Kulesa, CEO, Founder
This year made us slow down and get back to camping. We bought a little trailer so we could safely explore beautiful California again. 

Steve Eisenstadt, Content Chief
Despite all of 2020’s hardships, or perhaps because of them, my love for my wife and children burned more intense than ever and I gained a new appreciation of the little things in life, like a walk on a warm evening or the call of the owls in the woods behind our house. I’m grateful for so many things.

Robin Bulanti, President
I’m grateful for slowing down, more time with my husband and daughters, and even for the toughest losses that put life and friendships in sharper perspective for me in 2020. Also grateful for our new puppy, Beau!

Tanaya Lukaszewski, Vice President
2020 should be themed “The art of the pivot.” Despite all of the challenges we have faced as a nation this year, we have learned how to adapt quickly and found ways to stay connected to each other from afar. I am consistently impressed by my family’s, friends’, and colleagues’ ability to continue to push forward with grace and incredible resilience. 

This year has taught us that we are all stronger than we think, and I’m inspired daily by those in my life. Especially by my kids, who despite having activities, playgrounds, friends, etc. ripped away from them practically overnight, continue to face every day with a smile.

Julie Tangen, Executive VP
Due to COVID-19, my family and I put our travel plans on hold and spent the summer close to home, exploring areas of Oregon that we hadn’t yet discovered. This gave me an opportunity to rekindle my true love for the great outdoors. I’d almost forgotten the joy of waking up in nature, swimming in new rivers and creeks, cooking outdoors, and sharing a campfire with the people I love most.

Thea Roberti, Chief Research Analyst
I am grateful for my health, for my first year in my new home, a garden that has become my private oasis, daily beach walks, hummingbirds galore, sunrise, sunset, the sound of the waves every night as I fall asleep, sweet doggie kisses as I wake up each morning, a new community of friends with whom I have quickly developed deep bonds in these uncertain times, colleagues who are my extended family and my anchor and my north star, and most of all I am grateful every single day for another day on this beautiful planet.  

Tanya Carlsson, Vice President
I’m extremely grateful for the health and safety of my family. And although the shutdowns and quarantines have been tough, I have cherished the time spent at home with my baby boys and husband. This year has brought us closer in so many ways, and I’ve enjoyed every second of watching them grow.

Peter Zibinski, Account Executive
Despite this unprecedented year, I’m grateful I was still able to get outside and do what I love – fishing. I connected with three of my biggest bass, which gave me something to look forward to when times were tough.

Shannon Campbell, Account Manager
In 2020, I became more grateful than ever for colleagues who feel like family. With our usual social lives disrupted, I’ve found it immensely beneficial to work at a company where we genuinely care about one another and laugh every single day.

Samantha Carlson-DuBois, Account Executive
So much time was taken away this year, but I am grateful for the time I got back. Time to be with my thoughts and disconnect from the realities which surround me, time to truly close my eyes and relish each and every thing and being that gives me joy. 

This year taught me to focus on the little feats I can control that make me happiest and most fulfilled—having a full can of creamer for my morning coffee, good hair (bang!) days, a picturesque bouquet of flowers on my desk, the way my handwriting looks with a really good pen, the satisfaction of a new recipe and an eye-closing first bite. I could think of a thousand feelings people will share as they look back and describe 2020, but my eyes have never been clearer, or my glass more full. 

Shea Geary, Assistant Account Executive
This year was filled with so many unexpected events, but I’m incredibly grateful for roommates who made shelter in place feel like one big sleepover, and to have had the opportunity to spend some much needed time with family and have them by my side through it all. I even gained a family member when I adopted my dog, Gus, in June. He has made the many, many quarantine walks so much more fun.

Becky Quinlan, Content and Media Strategist
During 2020, I’ve learned that the little things are really the big things. Evening walks, colorful fall leaves, a neighbor’s holiday light display, a peppermint mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks. These little comforts of daily life have made a huge difference for me this year.

Danielle Salvato-Earl, Vice President
I’m grateful for the love, support, and health of my family, friends and colleagues—and I’m beyond blessed to be spending so much quality time at home with my husband and daughter. Every day is full of adventure, fun, and endless laughter. It’s a silver lining during these times. 

Georgia Kulesa, Content, Social Media Specialist
I’ll conclude by appreciating 2020 as a year when I made very dear new friends, as well as deepened my existing friendships. I am elated to have so many wonderful people around me who don’t take things too seriously, aren’t afraid to laugh, and make life fun. I also feel fortunate to live in a beautiful place that provides the opportunity to spend time out in nature year round. 

Despite this year being rife with uncertainty and challenges, there are still things to smile about—always. At Offleash, we’re incredibly thankful for each other, the support of our clients, and all the good that came out of this year. Here’s to a bright 2021!

Georgia believes in the power of quality content, and is dedicated to providing her clients business value through the creation of whitepapers, bylines, slideshows and case studies. She also provides social media support across Offleash clients. Contact Georgia here